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The Joburg Tango Newsletter is emailed weekly on Monday . If you are tired of all the notifications and having to search Facebook, Instagram and various whattsapp groups trying to find out what is happening with regards to Tango in the coming week It is convenient as everything is in one place .It covers milongas, Courses, workshops,events and practicas in and around Johannesburg  taking place in the next week .

you may subscribe to the weekly newsletter see below.



E-mail: info@tangojoburg.co.za

Mweb Subscribers having difficulty with receiving the newsletter.


If have a Mweb email address and are not receiving the newsletter you would need to go to www.mweb.co.za .


Login and select from the menu MY ACCOUNT then select the icon EMAIL then go to section JUNKMAIL , select EDIT (junkmail) , go to section ALWAYS ALLOW Enter in the textbox tangojoburg.co.za merv@iafrica.com   (space between the two names) , then click on UPDATE then CONTINUE.


Alternatively you could contact Mweb and they would be able to assist you if you provide the   domain name and email address above